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EFCP is The national clinical pharmacy organization and the only regional one it is our responsibility to spread the knowledge as well as awareness of clinical pharmacy academics, Practice and scientific Research Aiming at optimising the health care services and advancing the knowledge of health care Professionals dealing with various drug related aspects.


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International Collaboration


Through ASHP and EFCP Partnership you could access all ASHP Professional certificates with 100 $ discount and Board Resources with 200 $ discount

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Clinical Skills Certificate for International Pharmacists

Oncology Pharmacy Speciality Review Course

Pharmacotherapy Review Course


To know More About ASHP Global Certificates Watch This Webinar

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Task Force to Implement Change in Pharmacy

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FIP EFCP Letter to The Minister of Health About Vaccination


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E Youth Entrepreneurship Program

For young people from 18 to 35 who want to start entrepreneurship.
Program includes (training - work plans preparation - embracing - funding for projects)
The stages of the program :-
- 3 day training includes (Introduction to Entrepreneurship - How to Generate Ideas - Evaluate Ideas - Business Model of Ideas) with 15 hours training.
- 10 camps for the top 300 subscribers at the Republic level to work on the plan for projects and includes 150 selected projects.
- Top 60 projects will participate in an initial embrace phase for a month.
- Top 30 projects will go into a second embrace phase for 30 months to formally switch to companies.
- Final conference and funding worth 100 k for the first three positions.


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World Pharmacists Week Webinar 2020

EFCP Annual Meeting 2018

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Oncology 101

Students Training